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Study: Genetic factors revealed for Blood Pressure and Hypertension

A recent study discovered over 2,000 regions on the human genome influencing blood pressure, affecting the risk of developing hypertension. Genomics, which examines an...

HPV vaccine’s importance in controlling rise of Cancer cases

A study by the American Cancer Society predicts a 77% increase in global cancer diagnoses by 2050 due to factors like longer life expectancy...

Mumps Outbreak in India: Symptoms, Precautions, and Vaccination

Mumps, a contagious viral infection, is making a comeback in India, particularly affecting children and young adults aged 18 to 25 in Delhi and...

World Malaria Day (April 25): Understanding the dangerous disease

Malaria is a dangerous disease spread by infected mosquitoes, especially in warm regions. It's caused by tiny parasites that infect blood cells, causing symptoms...

Indian Spices banned in Hong Kong and Singapore; FSSAI investigation started

A recent survey showed that Indians are worried about the safety of a few spices after Hong Kong and Singapore banned four products from...

World Malaria Day 2024: Fighting Malaria through the HBHI Strategy

April 25, 2024, is observed as World Malaria Day to raise awareness about the cause and prevention of malaria. Here is how WHO, the...
Samantha health podcast Take 20

Samantha reveals separation with Naga Chaitanya phase ‘extremely difficult’

Actress Samantha has started her podcast series and the first episode 'Take 20' is live on Youtube now. She was accompanied by wellness coach...
positive COVID cases on rise in Telangana

Telangana: Increase in new COVID cases raises alarms

The new COVID subvariant JN.1 is slowly showing its effect in the nation. Telangana has seen 6 new infections in the last 24 hours....
New COVID cases in Telangana

New COVID variant JN.1: Telugu States advised to be vigilant

The danger bells are ringing again. COVID cases which the entire world put behind and are progressing forward are coming back to haunt with...
COVID new variant JN.1 detected

COVID in India: 4 deaths reported in Kerala; five overall

India on Sunday reported 335 fresh Coronavirus cases and five deaths. Four people succumbed to death in Kerala where one person breathed his last...
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