AP Elections 2024: Is TDP dominating BJP in the alliance in the state?

TDP-BJP-JSP Alliance
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TDP-BJP-JSP Alliance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited several places recently, like Zaheerabad, Munger, Pune, Shahjahanpur, Krishnanagar, and Singhbhum. They all have elections on May 13. But he hasn’t visited Andhra Pradesh yet, which also votes on the same day. His visit was supposed to be on May 3 and 4, but got postponed. Amit Shah, the Home Minister, hasn’t visited Andhra Pradesh either.

The BJP seems less interested in Andhra Pradesh this election. They might not support the TDP and JSP’s plans fully, as seen when they didn’t have a BJP leader at a manifesto event. The TDP and JSP’s promises, like giving money to students and farmers, clash with Modi’s views against too many freebies.

They also disagree on repealing the Land Titling Act and Muslim reservations. The TDP wants to repeal the act, but the BJP supports it. Chandrababu Naidu wants to keep Muslim reservations, but Modi doesn’t. This has caused some tension in the BJP ranks, with some feeling the TDP is overshadowing the party in the campaign.