Are TDP and BJP on the same line about Muslim reservations? Nara Lokesh clarifies

Nara Lokesh about Andhra Pradesh Muslims
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Nara Lokesh about Andhra Pradesh Muslims

TDP in alliance with BJP in Andhra Pradesh, promises to keep the 4% reservation for Muslims in the state if they win. This promise comes after the BJP said it would end religion-based reservations. Nara Lokesh, TDP general secretary, assures in an interview with the national media that their party is secular and won’t take away anyone’s quota.

He explains that the TDP has always supported backward communities, regardless of religion. They won’t remove the Muslim quota, despite the BJP’s stance against it, if they win alone. Lokesh mentions fake videos circulating but believes people can tell the truth from lies.

Regarding the alliance’s position, Lokesh thinks people know the BJP may win nationally, and Andhra Pradesh needs central support. He believes there’s support for the NDA, despite opposition claims.