“Outright lie” IT Minister Condemns Twitter’s Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey’s “anti-government” remarks

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Twitter Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey's anti-government remarks goes viral
Twitter Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey’s anti-government remarks goes viral

Twitter’s Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey has claimed that the Indian government threatened to shut down the social media platform in the country if it doesn’t block the anti-government tweets during the farmers’ protests. Union Information and Technology Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Tuesday strongly condemned former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s claims.

He tweeted, “This is an outright lie by @jack – perhaps an attempt to brush out that very dubious period of twitters history.” Rajeev even presented facts and truth in his long tweet. “@twitter under Dorsey n his team were in repeated n continuous violations of India law. As a matter of fact, they were in non-compliance with the law repeatedly from 2020 to 2022 and it was only June 2022 when they finally complied,” he continued.

“During the protests in January 2021, there was a lot of misinformation and even reports of genocide which were definitely fake. GoI was obligated to remove misinformation from the platform because it had the potential to further inflame the situation based on fake news,” he clarified. Rajeev Chandrasekhar claimed that “no one was raided or sent to jail.”