Martin Luther King Movie Review – Honest Attempt

Martin Luther King review and rating
Martin Luther King review and rating
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Martin Luther King review and rating
Martin Luther King review and rating

Sampoornesh Babu played the lead role in the movie titled Martin Luther King which is the official remake of the Kollywood sensational film Mandela. The film was released today. Check out the review.


Smile (Sampoornesh Babu) is a cobbler in a village called Padamarapadu. To earn his living, he does all the work that comes his way and still has no identity.

Elections come in the village and then Smile becomes King. How is it possible? How did he become Martin Luther King? To know watch the movie.


It is refreshing to see Sampoornesh Babu in an author-backed role rather than the usual spoof-induced characters. His genuine performance will be liked by everyone. Sarany Pradeep gave a notable performance.

Naresh and Venkatesh Maha are good in their respective roles. The rest of the characters have done their parts well.


Smaran Sai’s music goes well with the proceedings. The BGM work is superb in parts. The cinematography is fine. The editing, however, could have been fine. The story is very relatable to the current political scenario. This is an honest remake and the screenplay is almost similar except for a few technical changes that suit the Telugu nativity.

Pooja Kolluru made her debut with this movie and she should be appreciated. Her narration has clarity. The production values are just good.


Martin Luther King is an honest remake and the film could be watched for the content. The performances are good and the film reflects today’s political scenario. Give it a try.

Rating: 2.75