Must-Watch Advertisement on ‘Importance of Vote’

Importance of Vote
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Importance of Vote

It is that time in 2024 when the entire nation and every citizen are looking forward to the elections in India. The 2024 Indian general elections are currently taking place between April 19 and June 1. On the other hand, assembly elections are also getting ready for states like Andhra Pradesh.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and President Droupadi Murmu had already passed their messages to the citizens to make use of their vote for sure without fail to choose the right leader. Many volunteer organizations have also been promoting the right to vote in India. And here comes an innovative and message-packed advertisement to educate them. Take a look at this advertisement.

Two school students were punished by the teacher for missing important classes due to their absence. The theme reflects that their absence is reflected in their punishment. And then the message is delivered about making use of the vote with the right choice to avoid being punished for the next few years.