Nandamuri Balakrishna roadshow in Vizag attracts huge crowd

Balakrishna roadshow in Vizag
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Balakrishna roadshow in Vizag

Actor Nandamuri Balakrishna, alongside Sri Bharat, the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance candidate for the Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha constituency, took part in a roadshow in the city. They visited several locations in the city, drawing good crowds. Balakrishna criticized the YSRCP government, highlighting its failures and alleged mismanagement of Visakhapatnam’s affairs.

Balakrishna, also contesting from the Hindupur Assembly constituency, highlighted the need to vote against the YSRCP and expressed confidence in the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance’s victory in the upcoming elections. He urged voters in Visakhapatnam district to support Sri Bharat and other candidates from their coalition.

In the Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha constituency, 33 candidates are competing, with the primary battle between Sri Bharat and YSRCP’s Botcha Jhansi. Sri Bharat appears to have a slight advantage, setting the stage for an interesting electoral contest in the region.