Praja Manifesto by TDP, BJP and Janasena Alliance focuses on regional development

Praja Manifesto
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The TDP, BJP, and JSP alliance are releasing their joint election plan called the ‘Praja Manifesto’ at N Chandrababu Naidu’s house in Undavalli. Naidu, along with Pawan Kalyan and BJP leaders, will share this manifesto.

Praja Manifesto

The TDP had previously revealed part of its plan during a meeting in Rajamahendravaram in May 2023. Later, they joined forces with JSP and BJP, forming a committee to create this combined manifesto.

The manifesto, titled “Meeting Today’s Needs, Building Tomorrow’s Dreams,” focuses on regional development, people’s welfare, and avoiding heavy taxes. It outlines a clear five-year development plan with schemes aimed at improving lives and overall state progress.

Key promises from the Super Six plan include creating 20 lakh jobs, offering Rs 3,000 monthly allowance to unemployed youth, providing Rs 15,000 annually for school children, giving Rs 20,000 annually to farmers, offering three free gas cylinders per household, giving Rs 1,500 monthly to women above 18, and free bus travel for women.

Additionally, Naidu plans to increase social security pensions to Rs 4,000 monthly and lower the age limit to 50 for pension recipients from backward classes.