Dunki teaser: SRK and Hirani weaves a blockbuster?

SRK and Hirani's Dunki drop 1 is out
SRK and Hirani's Dunki drop 1 is out
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SRK and Hirani's Dunki drop 1 is out
SRK and Hirani’s Dunki drop 1 is out

An interesting combination of Shahrukh Khan and Raj Kumar Hirani is happening with the movie Dunki. The film is slated for Christmas weekend release and a lot has been riding about the project. Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu are playing important characters in the movie. The teaser of the film, Dunki Drop 1 was released on the occasion of SRK’s birthday today.

As per the teaser, the movie talks about the migration of people from India to London. The sensitive topic has been dealt with in a humorous way. SRK is too good in the teaser. His comic timing is impeccable. All the important characters have been introduced in this movie.

If Dunki manages to live up to the expectations of what the project has built and also what the teaser promises, then surely the sky is the limit at the box office. SRK is in golden form with back-to-back hits in the form of Pathaan and Jawan. Now, will he complete a hat-trick with Dunki in 2023?