Srikanth Odela : Dasara director Srikanth Odela ties the knot 

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nani blesings
nani blesings
Srikanth Odela : Srikanth Odela, a protege of Sukumar turned director with the movie Dasara. Natural Star Nani played the lead role in the movie and the film ended up a huge blockbuster. The film was a super hit on the OTT platform as well.
Now, the latest news about the director is that Srikanth Odela entered wedlock. Natural Star Nani tweeted about it. “Mana Srikanth Odela Pelli chesukunnadu. Send all your love and blessings,” tweeted Nani.
It is said that Srikanth Odela married one of his friend’s sisters. A close friend of Srikanth suggested the alliance and the director agreed. It was his close friend who spoke with the families and make them agree as they are from different communities.
The wedding took place in Srikanth’s home town Godavari Khani in the presence of his close friends and relatives.
Congratulations to the blockbuster director as he entered the new phase of life.