Power sources: Over-abundance of clean energy: Power sources flipped negative in Finland 

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 Power sources
 Power sources
 Power sources : Finland is facing quite an unusual challenge as the energy prices have fallen to negative with clean electricity that was so abundant.
While Europe is facing an energy crisis, Finland reported that its energy prices from noon on Wednesday dropped below zero. Jukka Ruusunen, the CEO of Finland’s grid operator, Fingrid said that the average energy price for the day was slightly below zero.
It is a remarkable turnaround for a country that has faced energy poverty just a few months back. Ruusunen stated that last winter they thought about where to get more electricity and now they are thinking hard about how to limit the production.
Finland faced an energy crisis after it banned energy imports from Russia after it invaded Ukraine. A nuclear reactor that was bought online has changed the dynamics which produced a new stream of power.