MAD movie review – Nonsensical youthful fun

MAD movie review and rating
MAD movie review and rating
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MAD movie review and rating
MAD movie review and rating

Popular production house Sithara Entertainments backed a small film titled MAD and they are confident about the product. Let us see how this college fun entertainer unwinds.


There is nothing much to tell about the story of this film as it deals with the story of three youngsters Manoj, Ashok, and Damodar. The story is all about their escapades, their love, their fights, etc.,


The three youngsters did their plot well. Narne Nithin, Brother-In-Law of NTR Jr., should be appreciated for choosing a youthful flick of 1 in 3 rather than going for regular commercial potboilers. He was shown as one of the friends and will be shown on screen whenever necessary and nothing more than that. He has done his part well.

Sangeeth Shobhan steals the show among the three. He performed with ease. Ram Nithin impresses as well. The youngster who played Laddu should get a special mention.

Sri Gouri Priya Reddy, Anathika Sanilkumar, and Gopika Udyan are decent in their roles. The rest of the cast are okay in their roles.


Music by Bheems doesn’t stand out like his previous works. However, the BGM is alright which suits the college atmosphere. Shamdat and Dinesh Krishnan B’s cinematography work is fine. The editing is sharp and gives racy feels.

Director Kalyan Shankar impresses with his writing work. The college fun was captured very well. While the first half is decent, the second part is packed tight. The targeted section of youth will enjoy the movie more. The production values are decent.


MAD reminds us of films like Happy Days, Chichhore, and 3 Idiots, etc., but stands apart from them in its own way. Most of the comedy is generated from dialogue. This type of movie is not everyone’s cup of tea but those it targets will enjoy it for sure.

Rating: 2.75/5