Keeda Cola movie review – Whacky but not so fizzy

Keeda Cola movie review and rating
Keeda Cola movie review and rating
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Keeda Cola movie review and rating
Keeda Cola movie review and rating

Tharun Bhascker is known for his whacky kind of comedy. It worked big time with Pelli Choopulu and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi. This time after a gap of five years, he has come up with another “his” kind of comedy entertainer titled Keeda Cola. Right from the title, the movie looked interesting. The film was released today. Check out the review.


Jeevan (Jeevan Kumar) wants to be a corporator and for this, he brings Naidu (Tharun Bhascker) into the picture. On the other hand, another gang, Vaasthu (Chaitanya Rao) and his grandfather Varadharaju (Brahmanandam) master a plan for compensation, and their lives get intertwined with Jeevan and Co. What happens next? What have their stories to do with Keeda Cola?


Though he has not promoted himself much as an actor, Tharun Bhascker is the main lead of this film. His performance is very good. His comedy timing is excellent. Chaitanya Rao plays Vaasthu who has Tourette Syndrome. He pulled it off with ease. Brahmanandam plays a crucial character but the expectations of his character haven’t been met. Jeevan Kumar gets a fine role and he is okay. Vishnu Oi shines in his typical character. Rag Mayur is fine. The rest of the characters are all right.


The biggest letdown with Keeda Cola is the writing. The too-thin storyline doesn’t sit well with the audience. The screenplay isn’t that effective either. Tharun Bhascker however made it up to an extent with some whacky dialogues and situational one-liners. The comedy worked too well in parts. However, there are some boring sequences as well.

Vivek Sagar’s music is another major plus point for the movie. All the songs come in the background and are decent. The highlight should be the background music. AJ Aaron’s cinematography work is quite exquisite. The editing is decent and the production values are good. As a director, Tharun Bhascker did a decent job.


Keeda Cola is another whacky kind of comedy crime drama. With almost no storyline, Keeda Cola seemed to be struggling but the performances and strong technical support saved the film. Overall, Keeda Cola is not a wholesome entertainer. It has its flaws but could be enjoyed once if you like Tharun’s style of taking.

Rating: 2.5