Dr. Jai Yalamanchili lashes out at Jagan in CBN support rally, New York

Dr. Jai Yalamanchili speech in CBN support rally
Dr. Jai Yalamanchili speech in CBN support rally
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Dr. Jai Yalamanchili speech in CBN support rally
Dr. Jai Yalamanchili’s speech at the CBN support rally

UBlood founder, JSWtv, JaiSwaraajya.tv advisory Dr. Jagadeesh Babu Yalamanchili (Jai) has lashed out at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for his recent acts. In a protest in Manhattan, New York in front of the United Nations building at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

In the protest, “We are with CBN, Psycho povali cycle ravali, Jai Chandrababu” slogans were received where Dr. Jai Yalamanchili, Dr. Shiva Kumar Anand, Sekhar, Kantha, Ramesh, Pavan, Vamsi, and other TDP supporters participated in this rally.

In his speech, Dr. Jai Yalamanchili has completely lashed out for YS Jagan’s political vendetta acts. He said that the time is near for YS Jagan as the people are observing all his acts and they will give perfect answers to him in the upcoming elections.

“Jagan, listen to this. You can’t do anything. CBN will come out clean after the investigation. We are with him. CID is acting as your puppet. Your satirical smile and your sadistic acts will be answered. The whole of Andhra Pradesh is observing what you are doing. They know how to answer. You haven’t done anything to the state in these five years. It is NTR’s TDP that started development in the state and CBN continued it. Check out the developmental schemes for yourself. You guys will face consequences for all the acts,” said Dr. Jai Yalamanchili in his roaring speech.