Rohit Sharma’s honest reaction after the loss of the WTC final

Rohit Sharma reaction after WTC final loss
Rohit Sharma reaction after WTC final loss
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Rohit Sharma reaction after WTC final loss
Rohit Sharma’s reaction after WTC final loss

Indian Captain Rohit Sharma was disappointed after losing another World Test Championship finals. This was the second time that India reached the WTC final and lost it on both occasions under Virat Kohli’s captaincy the previous time and this time under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy.

Rohit Sharma in the post-match presentation gave an honest reaction after losing the match. He fumed over Shubhman Gill’s controversial decision. “We thought the decision was taken rather quickly. We would like if some more time was taken before the decision was taken. Even in IPL, we have 10 cameras, but not in an ICC final,” Rohit Sharma.

The Indian captain blamed the first innings bowling for the loss. “I think we bowled really well in the first session using the overcast conditions but the later bowling let us down. Head batted beautifully along with Smith. Having said that it was a very good feat to reach the finals second time in a row. However, we would have liked to go a mile ahead. Everyone in the team is disappointed,” Rohit said.