Nellore Politics: What are YSRCP and TDP offering ahead of AP Elections?

Nellore Politics
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Nellore Politics

In Nellore, the battle for the SC-reserved assembly constituency is heating up. TDP’s candidates, Daggumalla Prasad Rao and Dr. VM Thomas, are questioning the lack of development projects in the past decade, despite K Narayanaswamy being elected twice. This time, Narayanaswamy has fielded his daughter, K Krupa Lakshmi, representing YSRCP, while TDP has put forward Dr. VM Thomas.

The constituency, bordering Tamil Nadu, is facing severe backwardness with minimal job opportunities, leading youngsters to migrate for work. Dr. VM Thomas promises comprehensive development and vows to bring industries together with the help of former CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu to boost employment.

Additionally, TDP pledges generous welfare schemes, including early pensions for SC, ST, BC, and minority groups starting at 50 years old. Voters are urged to consider these promises when casting their votes.