Rare Venomous Jellyfish found on Visakhapatnam Coast

Rare Venomous Jellyfish found on Visakhapatnam Coast
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A rare occurrence took place recently when marine researchers discovered a bloom of venomous jellyfish along the Visakhapatnam coast. These jellyfish, known as Pelagia noctiluca or mauve stingers, are rarely seen on the east coast of India. They were found in large numbers at RK Beach and other areas popular with tourists.

Rare Venomous Jellyfish found on Visakhapatnam Coast

The Pelagia noctiluca species has a bell diameter of three to five centimeters and is known for its painful sting, which can cause various illnesses and even be life-threatening. Marine researchers Sri Chakra Pranav, Deepu Visweswar, and Aditya Madhav were surprised to encounter these purple-colored jellyfish during a routine data collection exercise.

These jellyfish are both beautiful and dangerous, with venom that can lead to symptoms like extreme pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and, in severe cases, anaphylactic shock. The scars from their stings can last for years.

Unlike other jellyfish, Pelagia noctiluca has stingers not only on its tentacles but also on its bell, and they can produce light in the dark.

The appearance of these jellyfish has concerned marine biologists, who are urging the district administration to cordon off affected beach areas and issue advisories to avoid entering the water until the jellyfish disappear.

Jellyfish blooms are caused by rapid population growth, often due to rising ocean temperatures, and have previously caused damage to fishing industries and affected tourism in various places.