AP Elections 2024: Narasaraopet TDP MP candidate confident of alliance’s win

Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayalu
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Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayalu

Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayalu left the YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh and joined the TDP. Now, he’s running for Narasaraopet MP against P Anil Kumar Yadav of the YSRCP in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls on May 13.

In an interview, Lavu Sri Krishna talked about why he switched parties and his campaign. He believes his supporters will still vote for him even though he changed parties. He’s focusing on issues like water for farming, clean drinking water, and improving education.

Lavu Sri Krishna doesn’t think joining the BJP will make him lose support from minority voters. He says Muslims also vote for the BJP, citing examples from Uttar Pradesh. He thinks the alliance with the BJP and JSP will make the TDP stronger.