Rs. 75 Coin : Central govt. to launch new Rs. 75 coin to mark the new Parliament’s inauguration

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Govt to issue ₹75 commemorative coin
Govt to issue ₹75 commemorative coin

Rs. 75 coin :

The Centre today has announced that special Rs. 75 Coin will be launched to commemorate the new Parliament building. The Finance Ministry revealed the details in a notification. The statement reads, “The coin of Seventy-Five Rupees denomination shall be coined at the Mint for issue under the authority of the Central Government on the occasion of the inauguration of the New Parliament Building.”

The finance ministry revealed the images of the new Rs. 75 Coin which will bear the inscription of the Parliament complex and have the image of the new Parliament building. The coin will be circular in shape with a diameter of 44 millimeters. It will have 200 serrations along its edges and weighs 35 grams. The coin was made using four different metals – 50 percent silver, 40 percent copper, 5 percent nickel, and 5 percent zinc.

It is to be noted that these types of coins which will be launched during special events are not issued for public usage.