Japan Movie Review – Not So Crazy

Japan movie review and rating
Japan movie review and rating
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Japan movie review and rating
Japan movie review and rating

Karthi is a well-known face in the Telugu Film Industry and there is no doubt about that. He has come up with a crazy film titled Japan. The movie’s trailer attracted the viewers, especially the hero’s characterization and the dialogue delivery. Raju Murugan has directed the movie and let us check out how the movie will be.


Japan (Karthi) is a notorious thief who is known for stealing jewelry all over the nation. A jewelry store Rs. 200 Crores in a similar heist and the Home Minister (KS Ravi Kumar) for swift resolution. A few Police units corner Japan in this case but Japan claims he is innocent.

If Japan is innocent who is the real culprit? Is Japan telling the truth? Well, to find the answers, one must watch the movie.


Karthi once again owns the character of Japan. The dialogue delivery stands out. In fact, it is Karthi who makes us sit and make us watch the movie throughout. His styling is done differently as well. Anu Emmanuel hasn’t got any substantial role. She is wasted. Sunil is getting interesting offers in Tamil and Japan is another example. He has done his role well.

Vijay Melton has delivered a commendable performance as well. Jithan Ramesh, Vagai Chandrasekhar, and others will be seen as important characters.


GV Prakash Kumar’s music comes as a disaster in Telugu. The dubbed lyrics don’t compliment well not that the tunes are great though. The BGM is good enough. Ravi Varman’s cinematography is neat and goes well. The dark theme is well explored. The editing could have been better as the film felt dragged out many times. The dubbing is done well.

Raju Murugan’s story is quirky but the screenplay is not written in an engaging way. After starting well, Japan fizzles out and doesn’t gain momentum at any point.


With the only saving grace in the movie is Karthi, what more can we expect? Japan is a slow-paced action drama that doesn’t live up to expectations. Easily skippable.

Rating: 2/5