Sajjala expresses doubts over Sunitha family’s involvement in Viveka’s murder

Sajjala refutes Sunitha's allegations
Sajjala refutes Sunitha's allegations
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Sajjala refutes Sunitha's allegations
Sajjala refutes Sunitha’s allegations

This morning YS Sunitha in the pressmeet alleged that the YS family members were involved in the murder and she wondered why Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is protecting them. Sunitha also urged the people not to vote for the ruling party once again who had the history of political murders, according to her.

However, AP’s government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy is very quick to refute the rumors. Giving counters to the Sunitha’s statements, Sajjala expressed doubts over the involvement of her family in the murder case. He asked the CBI to enquire Sunitha’s family as well in this case.

“Viveka’s driver Dastagiri openly admitted hacking the veteran leader to death and he turns approver. How can the main accused become an approver? The CBI statements and Prima Facia evidence are clear. Sunitha is still in good terms with Dastagiri and treats him as a brother. How ethical is that? CBI must concentrate on investigating Sunitha’s family as well,” Sajjala said.