Tollywood popular choreographer Rakesh Master is no more

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Once a popular choreographer Rakesh Master has found himself in many controversies thereafter. His career has seen a downfall. Rakesh Master then criticized his disciples along with Sekhar Master and others. He openly criticized them and gave many youtube interviews. Rakesh Master became popular for those interviews.


He changed his hairstyle, and lifestyle and found himself in unwanted controversies. He hosted Bhale Boss a couple of years back with a few Youtube sensations. Now, he planned another interesting program with persons like Swati Naidu, Aggipette Macha, and other meme-material celebrities. He was to Vizag for the same. Since his return, Rakesh Master hasn’t been well.

He has been suffering from illness for a few days and then today, he was shifted to a hospital after having blood motions. Rakesh Master who choreographed hundreds of songs breathed his last sometime back at AMC. We wish he finds peace at least now.