Online Gambling Prohibition Bill: “We have the power, we will do it again” – Tamilnadu Minister S. Raghupati

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Online Gambling Prohibition Bill: “We have the power, we will do it again” – Tamilnadu Minister S. Raghupati

The online gambling ban bill passed in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly in October last year has been brought back to the government by Governor RN Ravi. Now, the state cabinet has decided to pass the bill again and send it to the governor.

In this regard, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin discussed this in cabinet meeting. Speaking to the media at the end of this, Tamil Nadu Law Minister Raghupathi said that we will re-pass the Online Gambling Prohibition Bill and send it to the Governor for his approval. He mentioned that the governor should give his assent to the bill to be passed in the state assembly for the second time.

“The state government has the power to impose a ban on such a matter. The state list has the right to do so. We will pass this bill again and send it back to the governor as per that power. The courts have already issued clear orders in this regard,” he further elaborated.

Minister Raghupathi also said that the Governor has sent a letter stating the same reason again and again in a different form regarding the bill issue.

Neither the governor’s office nor the government has released official information on the return of the online gambling ban bill. Information regarding the Governor’s letter has come to light from government sources.

What did this letter say?

While the issue of online gambling bans is worrisome, the lack of regulation of online gaming and gambling is causing many people to become addicted to the game, losing money and even taking their own lives. Online cyber is a matter that falls under the purview of the central government. Therefore, a consistent national level regulatory action is necessary. State governments alone bringing regulation or legislation will not solve the problem. It will also be uncertain.

A person’s ability to earn is guaranteed as a fundamental right under Article 19 (1) (g) of the Constitution. No government can legislate against a fundamental right. A state government can only regulate skillful sports and cannot outright ban them. Even after clarifying and instructing these matters, the state government has forwarded the same aspects to the Governor as earlier passed in the Ordinance.