Narendra Modi: Results are the reflection of new thinking

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed party workers at the BJP headquarters in Delhi after getting a majority again in Tripura Assembly Elections in the Northeast and achieving better success in Nagaland.

He said, “This election is a reflection of new thinking with the end of the distance of hearts. Now the North East is neither far from Delhi nor far from the heart. I bow down to the people of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland and express my gratitude to them.”

The Prime Minister said, “I am satisfied that during the Prime Minister’s tenure, I have won hearts by visiting the North-East again and again and this is the biggest victory for me. I am also satisfied that the people of the North-East realize that it has been that now they are not neglected.

He said, “Earlier in Tripura, the condition was such that not even a single flag could be hoisted apart from one party. If anyone tried to hoist it, he was thrashed. This time, how big did we do in these elections We have seen the change. Now we are seeing the Northeast moving in a new direction. There are special well-wishers who also get headache thinking that what is the secret of BJP’s victory. Till now I have not seen the results on TV and have not seen that EVMs are being abused.”

Earlier, BJP national president JP Nadda attributed the victory in the Northeast to Narendra Modi’s ‘Look East Policy’, which started the effort to integrate the northeastern states into the mainstream.