Anti-India posters in Geneva

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India has summoned the Ambassador of Switzerland to India on Sunday. India has summoned the Swiss ambassador in connection with the posting of anti-India posters outside the United Nations building in Geneva.

The Ambassador of Switzerland has assured the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, that he will present India’s concerns in this regard to his country.

Secretary of Western Affairs in the Ministry of External Affairs today summoned the Swiss envoy and lodged India’s protest over the anti-India posters put up outside the UN building in Geneva. The Swiss envoy has said that he will take India’s concerns seriously to his country.

The envoy has said that the posters have been put up in Geneva at a place which is available to all but in no way do we support that claim nor is it the official side of the Swiss government.

Two days ago, a video has gone viral on social media where several posters, claiming that women and minorities are treated like “slaves” in India among other hateful things, were seen outside the United Nations building in Switzerland’s Geneva.

The purported video, widely shared on social media, shows an Indian student exposing the anti-India propaganda being peddled and massive posters in an area that houses the main UN building, United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), and other important offices.

Sharing the video, a user tweeted, “A video shot by an Indian student in Geneva goes viral where a high level of propaganda can be seen unleashed against India near UNHRC HQ. Is this the new Toolkit or planned preparation for 2024??”

Several posters focused on Indian Christians and claimed that “churches are being burnt” in the country. Another poster talks about child marriages and how India allegedly is in “serious violation of child rights”.