Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s clarification on being diagnosed with Cancer

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Several media outlets and news channels published news articles and tv scrolling that Chandrababu Naidu was diagnosed with Cancer and due to correct treatment, he survived. This news turned viral within no time and everyone started enquiring about his health. Many were shocked by this news.

However, Chiranjeevi was quick to give a clarification about the news that turned viral for no reason. He tweeted, “A while ago I spoke about the need to raise awareness about cancer while inaugurating a cancer center. I told them that cancer can be prevented if they undergo regular medical tests. I was alert and took a colon scope test. I said that non-cancerous polyps were detected and removed. I only said, ‘If I hadn’t done the test first, it would have turned out to be cancer’. That’s why everyone should take precautions and undergo medical tests/screening’, I just said that.

But some media organizations did not understand this properly and started scrolling and web articles saying ‘I got cancer’ and ‘I survived due to treatment’. This has caused unnecessary confusion. Many well-wishers are sending messages about my health. This clarification is for all of them. Also an appeal to such journalists. Don’t write nonsense without understanding the subject. Because of this, many people are scared and hurt. 🙏”