Supreme Court to hear Avinash Reddy’s bail petition today

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The Apex court will be hearing Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy’s anticipatory bail petition today. The bench comprising Justice J K Maheshwari and Justice Pamidigantam Sri Narasimha would hear the petition and will post their views and decision. This anticipatory bail petition was filed by Avinash Reddy on May 5th seeking protection from the court to not arrest him by CBI.

In the petition, Avinash Reddy alleged that CBI is going against the law and is acting as per the TDP statements. YS Viveka’s daughter Suneetha Reddy however impleaded in the court opposing the bail petition. CBI on the other hand brushed aside the MP’s allegations. It is said that the CBI made all arrangements to arrest Avinash Reddy anytime. It is said that they have collected all the evidence against him.

The anticipatory bail petition was heard on May 5th and was postponed for May 23rd. We have to wait and see the Supreme Court’s decision in this regard.