Review of the ‘TDP-BJP-JSP’ Alliance Manifesto for the AP Assembly Elections

TDP-BJP-JSP Alliance Manifesto
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TDP-BJP-JSP Alliance Manifesto

The TDP-BJP-JSP alliance in Andhra Pradesh announced their ‘Praja Manifesto’ for the upcoming elections, offering a monthly pension of Rs 1,500 for eligible women.

They also promised Rs 3,000 in monthly aid for unemployed youth and financial help for schoolchildren and backward classes.

Free gas cylinders and a ‘skill census’ were also part of their plans.

The manifesto pledged to restore reservations for BCs and support minority communities with pensions, Haj houses, and loans.

Farmers would receive financial aid and an uninterrupted power supply if the alliance won.

Overall, their focus is on social welfare, education, and empowerment across various communities in the state.