Modi appreciates TDP’s Vemireddy for Nellore’s development

Modi appreciates TDP's Vemireddy for Nellore's development
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The TDP is excited after Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy’s efforts in developing Simhapuri. In a letter to Vemireddy, who is also the TDP candidate for Nellore in the upcoming elections, Modi praised his work as a Rajya Sabha MP, especially in advocating for Nellore’s interests in parliament.

Modi appreciates TDP’s Vemireddy for Nellore’s development

Modi highlighted Vemireddy’s contributions in debates on healthcare, handicrafts, connectivity, and infrastructure, which helped shape government policies. He also addressed the importance of Vemireddy winning the Nellore seat for the area’s development.

Vemireddy thanked Modi for recognizing his work and expressed concern about Nellore’s lack of progress under the YSRCP government, citing issues like industries leaving, poor infrastructure, and fear among the people.

He expressed confidence in the NDA’s ability to bring development to Nellore if they win at the state and national levels.