Land Titling Act Controversy: Jagan’s Deception vs. Chandrababu’s Vigilance

Land Titling Act Controversy
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The Land Titling Act in Andhra Pradesh has become a big issue. Chandrababu Naidu, the TDP chief, strongly opposes it and says Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is tricking people with this law. Chandrababu is worried that this law could let powerful people change land records online and take away people’s lands unfairly.

Land Titling Act Controversy

Chandrababu is also upset because this law makes it harder to go to regular courts to solve land disputes. He thinks this could lead to people losing their land forever if they can’t prove it’s theirs in a short time.

Chandrababu is against using e-papers instead of traditional Sale Deeds because it makes land ownership records more confusing.

He’s also asking YS Jagan about other problems, like pension issues and digitizing important documents.

Chandrababu Naidu promises to get rid of this law if his party wins in the state assembly elections, saying he wants to protect people’s rights from what he sees as Jagan’s dishonest land policies.

For readers to understand what the Land Titling Act is:

The Land Titling Act in Andhra Pradesh is a new rule about how land ownership is recorded and problems about land are solved. It changes who handles land records and settles disputes, moving away from regular courts to specific government officers. This Act also introduces using electronic papers instead of the usual Sale Deeds, which might make land records more complicated.