Harish Rao: Two leaders reason for the current situation in AP

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Harish Rao comments on Andhra Pradesh
Harish Rao comments on Andhra Pradesh

Telangana Minister Harish Rao made some sensational comments against his neighboring state Andhra Pradesh. He said that Andhra Pradesh has fallen back in the race because of two leaders from their state. The minister made these comments while participating in the Good Governance Day organized as part of the decade celebrations at Sangareddy on Saturday.

He said that if you go to states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, or Gujarat, you will come to know the greatness of Telangana. Harish Rao claimed that the center is just copying the welfare schemes of Telangana. It is stated that Telangana employees are getting higher wages than the wages of central and other states as well.

Speaking about Andhra Pradesh, Harish Rao criticized that they are interested in more campaigning, we are interested more in welfare and work. In the past, they said about the hi-tech rule. What has happened to that now? Harish Rao questioned.