Clash of Leaders in Palnadu: Police cases filed on both YSRCP and TDP members

Clash of Leaders in Palnadu
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In Palnadu district of Andhra Pradesh, there was a clash between supporters of the ruling YSR Congress Party and the Telugu Desam Party. They argued over a voter’s support outside her house.

Clash of Leaders in Palnadu

During the commotion, a stone hit the car of MLA P Ramakrishna Reddy’s wife, causing a small cut on her forehead. This escalated the situation, leading to more people gathering from both parties, totaling around 200 supporters.

The police arrived quickly and controlled the situation. They are now investigating and have filed cases against those involved under various sections of the law. Additionally, the police found weapons like country-made bombs and tools in an abandoned house nearby, leading to a separate investigation.

This incident occurred ahead of the upcoming elections in the state for Lok Sabha and Assembly seats, scheduled for May 13, just 4 days away from today.