Huge competition for governing body positions in ATA

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Huge competition for governing body positions in ATA
Huge competition for governing body positions in ATA

The American Telugu Association (ATA) is currently witnessing huge competition for the upcoming governing body position elections. Out of the 10 executive posts, a total of 16 members are competing. While the ATA current governing body and seniors have officially announced 10 candidates (SLATE Candidates) for the posts, there are other 6 members as well contesting for the positions.

1. Chenna Reddy (Detroit)
2. Anil Boddi Reddy (Atlanta)
3. Kiran Paasham (Atlanta)
4. Kishore Guduru (Nashville)
5. Mahider Mushkula (Chicago)
6. Narsireddy Gadikoppula (Austin)
7. Ramakrishna Reddy (Nashville)
8. Raju Kakarla (King of Persia)
9. Saisudhini (Ryale)
10. Srikanth Gudipati (New Jersey)

The other six candidates who are competing:

1. Bhanu Swargam (Chicago)
2. Kashappa Madaram (San Diego)
3. Kaushik Sama (Ash Baran)
4. Mayur Bandaru (Portland)
5. Dr.Mehar Medavaram (Chicago)
6. Suchitra Reddy (Chicago)

In the donor category, six people are contesting along with three other members. Official candidates:

1. Dr. Anupama Udarla (Hartford)
2. Ravindra Challa (Ash Burn)
3. Sainath Boyapalli (Chicago)

The remaining candidates:

1. Narasimha Reddy Dayasani (Los Angeles)
2. Raghuveer Maripeddi (Dallas)
3. Raju Chilumula (New Jersey)

Former ATA president Bhimireddy Paramesh Reddy has been appointed as the election officer. A total of 22 members of the governing body are in the running for 13 posts. ATA members will cast their votes through the E-MAIL voting system from 1st to 17th December.