Grand Telangana formation day celebrations in New Jersey… N Ramachandra Rao honored

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N Ramachandra Rao felicitated by NRIs
N Ramachandra Rao was felicitated by NRIs

Telangana formation day celebrations have been held in a grand manner in New Jersey, USA. Former Legislative Council of Telangana N Ramachandra Rao participated in these celebrations. During his visit to America, he participated in a Meet and Greet in New Jersey where Telangana State’s formation day was also celebrated amid much public fare. The audience was informed about the role of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Telangana revolution by N Ramachandra Rao. He praised the role played by NRIs in achieving Telangana.

Ramachandra Rao informed that the central government would cooperate to develop Telangana and that smart cities will be developed collectively. He praised the help provided by BJP and Modi for this. Revealing the programs undertaken by the central and state governments for rural development, he appealed to Telangana NRIs to cooperate to develop their respective villages.

Telangana formation day celebrations in NJ
Telangana formation day celebrations in NJ

He called Telangana NRIs to become a part of the Bangaru Telangana. Krishna Reddy Anugula, former president of BJP, who participated in this program, praised Ramachandra Rao, who traveled to 7 cities in 6 states in the USA on behalf of Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party and in 7 meetings, he explained the development done by Modi in India and the programs being done by the Center for Telangana and Telugu states, which is proof of his commitment.