Australia visa restrictions on Indian Students

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Australian universities give Indian students a shock. Problems arise with the temporary ban imposed on the issuance of visas to students from Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, and Jammu and Kashmir.
The news is that Federation University and Western Sydney University have issued fresh instructions to the education agents not to accept visa applications from students from the above said states.
Federation University also revealed that they have already sent mails on this issue. The Australian Ministry of Home Affairs has announced that the granting of visas is temporarily suspended because most of the applications made by the students of these states are not genuine and are also fraudulent.
Sources there revealed that the rejection of visa applications from India is the highest in the last ten years and about 25 percent of the total applications are fraudulent. The current ban is likely to continue for at least two months. More details regarding this will be out very soon.