Chinese border will open for foreign tourists

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Chinese border will open for foreign tourists
Chinese border will open for foreign tourists

China is starting to issue visas to foreign tourists for the first time after the Coronavirus pandemic.

After three years, this major relaxation in restrictions has been given after winning the virus and withdrawing from the Zero Covid policy.

China’s economy has suffered a lot due to the sanctions. Chinese visa can be applied from 15th March. Visa-free entry for cruise ships to Hainan Island and Shanghai will also resume.

Apart from this, all valid visas issued before 28 March 2020, when the China border was closed, can be used.

The lifting of restrictions imposed to deal with covid is a big step towards the restoration of normal life in China after the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, millions of international travellers used to come to China every year, but the arrival of covid caused a lot of damage to the tourism industry.

Now it is expected that after the opening of the borders, a large number of tourists will come to China.

Tourist industry insiders do not expect a massive influx of visitors in the short run or significant boost to the economy. In 2019, international tourism receipts accounted for just 0.9% of China’s gross domestic product.

But the resumption of visa issuance for tourist marks a broader push by Beijing to normalise two-way travel between China and the world, having withdrawn its advisory to citizens against foreign travel in January.

Areas in China that required no visas before the pandemic will revert to visa-free entry, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.