Another incident of urinating on a fellow passenger in an airplane

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A case of a student urinating on his fellow passenger in a flight coming from New York to Delhi has come to light once again.

This happened on an American Airlines flight. According to the information received, the flight took off from New York towards Delhi at 9:16 PM local time. The plane landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi at 10:12 PM on Saturday night.

Airport officials told, “The accused is a student studying in an American university. He was drunk during the journey. He urinated in his sleep. It reached the passenger sitting next to him. After this, he was reported to the cabin crew.

Airlines have taken this matter very seriously. This was reported to the air traffic control as soon as the plane arrived at the airport.

As soon as the plane landed, the concerned student was detained by a CISF team. After that he has been handed over to the police. The police have taken the statement of two co-passengers in this case. Further investigation is going on in this regard.

Deputy Commissioner of Police stationed at Indira Gandhi International Airport said that a passenger of American Airlines has lodged a complaint in this regard. The accused has been identified and legal action is being taken.

DGCA officials told, “We came to know about the matter. The airline handled the matter very smartly and took appropriate steps.”

A few months ago, there was a case of urinating on a fellow passenger after drinking alcohol in the plane. At that time, a strong discussion was seen on social media.