3 simple cold remedies that could work

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3 simple cold remedies that could work
3 simple cold remedies that could work

Cold is something that keeps us on our toes despite doing everything. There is one saying that the cold could be cured without medicine in seven days and with medicine in just one week. Yes, both are the same. However, with some simple home remedies, we can ease your symptoms and keeps your life so peaceful.

* Sip warm liquids –

Taking warm liquids like tea, hot water, or anything else can give us a better feeling with cold by easing congestion.

* Nasal drops and sprays –

Nasal drops and sprays could ease your breath, and relieve stuffiness. For children, there is always a bulb syringe.

* Soothe your sore throat –

A saltwater gargle will immensely help you no matter what. This will temporarily treat your sore throat.

On top of all this, take as much rest as possible.