“No longer MP” Rahul Gandhi waits 2 hours for immigration clearance at the US airport

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US airport
US airport, Rahul Gandhi wait 2 hours

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi waited for 2 hours for immigration clearance at the San Francisco airport in the United States. Party member Praveen Chakravarty stated the news and revealed that while Rahul Gandhi waited for his clearance several people who traveled with him in the same flight clicked selfies with him.

When the people asked why he was waiting in the queue, Rahul Gandhi humbly said, “I am no longer an MP. I am a common man.” Rahul Gandhi started his 10-day US visit. He arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday. Rahul Gandhi will be interacting with the Indian diaspora and meeting American lawmakers. On the first day, Rahul Gandhi met activists, academics, and civil society at the University of California in Santa Cruz.

Indian Overseas Congress chairperson Sam Pitroda received Rahul Gandhi at the airport along with the members of the Indian Overseas Congress.