Indian student in Chicago dies in a car crash

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Indian student
Indian student in Chicago dies in a car crash

It’s been quite an unfortunate incident that a student who is pursuing his Master’s in the United States has breathed his last due to an unfortunate accident. Mahesh Boya, a native of Mahabubnagar, Telangana lost his life following a car crash. Going into the details, Mahesh along with his friends attended a birthday party on Tuesday night, and while returning the driver of the car lost control and rammed into a tree.

Due to the severe impact of the car, Mahesh died on the spot, while the others Lakshmi, Shiva, and Bharat, who were in the car suffered serious injuries. However, there is no danger to their lives and they are getting treated in a private hospital.

Mahesh Boya is from Kappeta village in Mahabubnagar district. Knowing the tragic death news, the family members of Mahesh were shell-shocked. It was quite unfortunate to lose such a young and aspiring student losing life to an accident.