Will ignore the statement of imaginary country: UN on Nityananda’s Kailasa

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For the past few days, a video is being shared on social media in which a representative of a fugitive Indian guru is giving a speech at a meeting of the United Nations. These representatives describe themselves as representatives of an imaginary country named Kailasa. Now the United Nations has put forward its stand in this matter.

The United Nations has said that it will ignore the words of the representative of the fictional country of a fugitive Indian guru in his two programs held in Geneva. A UN official has said that the representative’s speech was irrelevant to the topics being discussed in the meeting.

Self-styled godman Nithyananda has cases of rape and sexual violence in India. Nithyananda has been denying the allegations against him. In the year 2019, he founded a fictional country called United State of Kailasa (USK).

The speech of the representative of this imaginary country in two United Nations programs is making headlines in India. The Government of India has not made any comment on this subject at present.

In a video on the United Nations website, when the people who came to the meeting were asked to ask questions, a woman asked the question. This woman told her name as Vijayapriya Nityananda. The woman said that she is the permanent ambassador of the ‘United State of Kailasa’ to the United Nations. Vijayapriya said that she wants to ask questions on topics related to ‘sustainable development’.

After this, Vijayapriya says that USK is the first sovereign country of Hindus which was founded by Nityananda. He called Nityananda the ‘supreme teacher’ of Hinduism.

After this, Vijayapriya claimed, “Kailaasa is a successful country in terms of development because everyone is provided free food, shelter and medical care.”