Fact Check: Betha Sudhakar is hale and healthy

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Today there have been speculations that popular comedian Betha Sudhakar is no more. It is said that Sudhakar breathed his last today early morning due to a long ailment he has been battling. Sudhakar fans and wellwishers have been worried about the news and have praying for strength for the family.

However, here is the fact check from our side. Betha Sudhakar has been hale and healthy. It is an absolutely rubbish rumor that he has breathed his last. He is doing fine, as per the family members of Sudhakar. Those who spread these kinds of rumors had to fact-check once again.

Sudhakar was once a top comedian in the TFI. He has worked in over 600 films and was one of the highest-paid comedians. He suffered a brain stroke a few years back and had to be in a coma for about 40 days. Since then, he recovered completely and is doing absolutely fine.